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It is three months since the new Council was elected in April and during this time the Council has rightly been discussing directional issues to methods of enhancing the goals of the Academy.

In going forward, the Council has decided to embark on blueprinting a workable three year plan to give a solid structure to advance. In trying to set the scene as it were, every department has to set out their vision and mission for the future of the Academy.

General practitioners in Malaysia look to the Academy for leadership in post graduate medical education and continuing professional development (CPD). As far as continuing medical education (CME) is concerned there are many other institutions which offer such events. Education in general is universal, however when provided to general practitioners, we must encourage high standards in education by those who provide it. How then does AFPM provide leadership in setting the high standards of education? Can AFPM provide leadership in other issues which affect the profession? There are issues which require leadership, such as CPD/CME points, fee schedule, issues such as the meaning of a "clinic", separation of dispensing, integration of private public healthcare services, quality and safety in family medicine, practice management, ICT issues, fitness to practice and physician burnout, the code of medical practice and many other issues.

In the past, members were complacent to let the MOH or others decide on their fate, but when changes were made which affected them, it was too late and members had to bear with the changes.

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