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The year 2015 had just left us and I would like to wish all members a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016.

The last few months had been rather busy as well as interesting.

I had the privilege to attend the RACGP 15 in Melbourne, with the theme "A Good GP Never Stop Learning', a motto that should be followed by all of us. The varied educational courses run by our Academy are aimed to cater to the various needs of most of our members. We owe that to our patients as they expect the best from us. This was followed by the WONCA Europe 2015 at Istanbul with "Be Young & Stay Young' as the theme for the conference. Attending international conferences allows us to exchange experiences with our GP colleagues from other countries. I urge more members to attend the international conferences.

The Antibiotic awareness week was launched on 16th November 2015 and this emphasises the importance of prudent use of antibiotics to reduce antibiotic resistance and emergence of super bugs. As family physicians we should take up this challenge to be judicious in our use of antibiotics and at the same time educate our patients and their caregivers regarding the appropriate use of antibiotics.

The Academy was also involved in the discussion of the pharmacy bill. We are all aware of the implication of the Bill to us as GPs and we had Council member Dr. Raj Kumar Maharajah to represent the AFPM for the 4 days meeting and discussion at Port Dickson.

We had already set-up a task force to look into the implementation of the MOU with MOH on our parallel pathway of training FMS for the MOH. The 1st meeting with the FMS division of MOH was held on 21stNovember 2015.

Of late the Vape fad had also taken centre stage. Much had been discussed in the media and the new laws formulated. With the potential of misuse for drugs of addiction we should council our patients regarding its potential dangers of Vaping.

With the ushering of 2016, we look forward to a more interesting and productive year for AFPM. As our DFM & ATFM intake increases, we look forward to more members, especially those with MAFP and FMS to come forward to be teachers and Mentors so as to improve our training of candidates.

We also hope that more members will undertake research in general practice for the benefit of patient care.

Happy New Year 2016 & Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Thank you.

Prof. Datuk Dr. Sheikh Mohd Amin.

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321st Exco Meeting - 14th May 2016, 2pm - 5pm, AFPM Conference Room


321st Exco Meeting 

Venue : AFPM Conference Room

Date : 14th May 2016

Time : 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

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19th Penang Teaching Conference for GP

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